Who am I?

Peter Biro a Frontend / Fullstack Developer

I have been working professional with Web Development since 1999

I’m currently working for DFDS as "Developer"

I'm experienced working with technologies like: React.js, Next.js, Nest.js, Redux, Swr, TypeScript, .net Core, C#, ES6, Node.js, Github Actions, Serverless, cypress.io and microservices. In other words a lot of new technologies.

Beside my normal work I'm also responsible for the Frontend Community at DFDS, where we every three weeks gather and share experiences or talk about new technologies.

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Peter Biro

2019-? Frontend Developer


At DFDS I'm working with the Freight B2B solution, beside some on and off maintenance on the old .Net MVC solution. We are in the process of rewriting the application to use a new microservice backend where we are responsible for writing a new Frontend and a BFF (Backend for Frontend). We are using React.Js/Next.Js for the frontend and Nest.js for our backend.

We are working with a Serverless setup, with a devop flow in GitHub Action with automated test in Jest and Cypress.io.

Tech: Next.Js, React, Redux, Nest.Js, Node.Js, TypeScript

2002-2019 - System Developer and Partner

The "SiteWorks" Years - Part I

Me and three others started SiteWorks in 2002 after we had the opportunity to buy out the product, we started developing under Telia Internet. And for the next 16 years I was the main developer behind two custom CMS system that has been used on more than 1.500 sites over time. Both system where build on a SQL-Server database and the old CMS was built in Classic ASP and a newer rewrite written in .Net MVC C#.

The CMS is still being used by big sites like Aidsfondet.dk, Artisten.dk, Bikestardo.com, Danske Fodterapeuter WebShop

The system is also used for event registrations, and have been used by Danske Bank, Deloite, Vækstfonden, see more examples here.

Tech: .Net MVC, C#, Sql-server, ASP, Jquery, ExtJs

2002-2019 - System Developer and Partner

The "SiteWorks" Years - Part II

Often some of our bigger customers in Siteworks needed a custom solution, Dansk Artist Forbund needed a solution for their members to create a contract online between an artist and a venue.

This where my first React.js solution and the backend were created in .Net core. The application consisted of a big form depending on the user input you would end up with different choices. There was also a approval process that would end up with binding PDF contract.

Tech: React, Redux, .net Core

2002-2019 - System Developer and Partner

The "SiteWorks" Years - Part III

One of our other customers Danske Fodterapeuter also had a need for a contract solution, there flow where even more complicated. They had a tenant contract where the clinic owners needed to follow a 50-page guide to construct the contract. So, I constructed a similar solution to them with a bit different flow and some more help functions.

This solution was also written in React.js, Redux and .Net Core. Because this was only accessible for users logged into the main page some user authentication was also added.

Tech: React, Redux, .net Core
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